Entrepreneurial Score

What Your Entrepreneurial Score Says to You

• A Score of 35 or More:  You have everything going for you.  You have the potential to achieve spectacular entrepreneurial success.

• A Score of 15 to 34:  Your background, skills and talents give you excellent chances for success in your own business.  You should go far.

• A Score of 0 to 14:  You have a head start of ability and/or experience in running your own business and should be successful if you apply yourself and learn the necessary skills to make it happen.

• A Score of -1 to -15:  You might be able to make a go of it if you ventured out on your own, but you would have to work extra hard to compensate for a lack of built-in advantages and skills that give other entrepreneurs a leg up in beginning their own businesses.

• A Score of -16 to -43:  Your talents probably lie elsewhere.  You should consider whether building your own business is what you really want to do, because you may find yourself swimming against the tide.  Working for a company or for someone else, developing a career in a profession, or achieving an area of technical expertise may be far more congenial to you and would allow you to enjoy a lifestyle appropriate to your abilities and interests.